Green Berlin

Client: Green Berlin, Bravado, SOny Universal
PROJECT: Green Berlin – Back2Green Collection
YEAR: 2019/2020


Role: Creative Direction, Art DIrection
Sarah Lehleiter (Creative Direction, Fashion Design)
Chris Schwarz (Creative Direction, Photography)

Green Berlin is a german Record and Artist Label founded by the famous german rapper Marteria.

After working together continuously on developing merchandise products for Green Berlin and it’s artists, they came along with the idea to release a 100% eco friendly clothing line. The result was a range of clothing items and accessories that are made of recycled cotton certified with the Global Organic Textile Standard and polyester which is produced from recycled PET bottles, that were captured from the ocean.

Released in Feb 2020, the collection was the first of its kind brought out by a german musician and gained a massive coverage on editorial- and social media.

My part of the project was leading the creative process together with Creative director and fashion designer sarah lehleiter, starting from setting up moodboards and specs to developing the whole concept into final samples, as well as designing all the graphic assets of the collection.